Body-Wise Therapeutics in the Wise Living Inst.
Tailored Advanced Body Work Therapies & Soul Coaching



Body-Wise Therapeutics provides tailored bodywork treatments that provide healing and relaxation to our clients. Hands-on bodywork treatments enhance our client’s healing and wholeness and incorporate many modalities depending on the client's need. These include:

Therapeutic, sports & relaxation massage, aromatherapy,  reflexology, myofacial release,  Cranio-sacral, lymphatic drainage, and Swedish relaxation.

Our office is currently closed to new clients except for the rare physician or current client referral. 




Our sister company: The Wise Living Institute offers consultations and programs that allow the mind and body to meld together offering solutions to creating calm and joyful living in a world of demanding lifestyles.

Aromatherapy,  Instinctive Feng Shui: Interior Alignment, Every Day Feng Shui Study Groups,  Lunch ‘n Learn Get-togethers, Pathway to Wellness Lecture Series , Dream & Soul Coaching as well as the Living Your Truth Sisterhood ~ a membership program empowering women to lead their best lives.