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About Laura Clark, LCMT

Laura P. Clark, BS, LCMT, CPIA, CIA, CFR: offers a variety of therapies to her diverse client base. Since becoming a LCMT (Licensed, Certified Massage Therapist) over 20 years ago, Laura has continued to enhance her massage school background with courses in myofacial work, hot stone treatments, reflexology, pregnancy massage, neuromuscular and craniosacral therapies.

           She has also 'branched out' into many other holistic therapies such as reiki, aromatherapy, facial reflexology and Interior Alignment®She has trained with renowned therapists and instructors.  A few of these include: Whitney Lowe, Tom Myers, Lone Sorenson and Denise Linn. All of these trainings and therapies give Laura the tools she needs to work with her clients toward greater wellness. She also holds a 700 hour certificate in aromatherapy. She draws from several of these while working with her clients.

She believes her skills can aid your body to help heal itself.  Her hands, techniques and guidance gives you the impetus to create wellness from within. Together, she and her clients are able to reduce pain, increase range of motion, and enhance healing and relaxation. Her deep compassion and commitment to those she works with is evident each and every session.

          After a decade of working in YMCA's, Laura's passion to learn more about the body took her back to school. Graduating from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, she spent two years working at a variety of places including spas, private clinics and physical therapy settings. The one she most enjoyed was the RI Veteran's home in Bristol. These experiences led her to opening Body-Wise to service the people in her own community.

           Within each of these settings, Laura has seen a host of conditions and has treated people with sports injuries, decreased range of motions, acute and chronic low back pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, cancer and the general stresses of life. As a body-worker, Laura spends her session time focused on both the client's desires and body needs to create the best possible treatment.


     As an I.A.C, she is a professional aroma-therapist with a certification from the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy®. This is a 325 hour program that goes far beyond the one day or weekend aromamassage workshops available. This allows her to work with clients by reaching deep into and stimulating the limbic system. Using this ancient practice, she helps  to support and nurture healing. She integrates aromatherapy into her massage sessions and also does private consultations and seminars on the uses of essential oils for healing & wellness.

     As an C.F.R., she holds a certification in Facial Reflexology from The Institute of Facial Reflexology in Barcelona, Spain. By integrating three Ancient Alternative Healing Therapies: Traditional Chinese Meridians and Points,Vietnamese Face Mapping and South American Mapuche Facial Reflex Zones with modern neuro-anatomy, Laura is able to assist those clients using this therapy with healing for chronic conditions in a non-invasive, therapeutic manner.

     As a C.P.I.A., Laura is certified in Interior Alignment®: instinctive feng shui. She consults with her clients on the basics of Feng Shui that makes the energy of your home allign with your best interests. However, Interior Alignment® goes far beyond what many know as feng shui. The training she received is in Interior Alignment® which is a system that acknowledges the wisdom of traditional feng shui and space clearing, but has at its core the belief that each person--in their essence--instinctively knows what is best for their environment and their life. Laura utilizes a wide variety of techniques to help her clients access this inner knowledge. Laura brings her skills as a body-worker to enhance the techniques such as space & body clearing to synchro-alignments ( a form of guided meditation) while working with her clients who choose this modality in which to renew and re-energize their lives.

          Laura has performed over 20,000 hands on treatments as well as offering hundreds of consultations. Her regular clients say that each treatment and consultation is different from the last because of the vast knowledge she has and the techniques she uses. This is due to her dedication to learning and desire to help her clients reach their maximum potential in healing, relaxation and wellness.

Laura's practice is full and only, on the rare occasion is able to accommodate new clients.